Our Faces


Mr. Sigurgeir Ragnarsson

Mr. Sigurgeir Ragnarsson is recognized as the most talented executive in the global advertising marketplace. Mr. Sigurgeir Ragnarsson has a lot of work experience in Google Adsense where he created a lot of famous blogs & introduced a lot of innovative and attractive advertising & marketing strategies. Later on, after a long long research Mr. Sigurgeir Ragnarsson concluded that he has to set up a plan where he can mingle so many people on online advertising & financial system. So Mr. Sigurgeir Ragnarsson decided to make a global advertising company with the name of World Ads Link Limited where Advertisers as well as Company Members can enjoy a lot of benefits.

Mr. Andrew Hogg


Mr. Andrew Hogg has more than 15 years experience in strategic management, marketing and network marketing. Mr. Andrew Hogg analyzed that over the following decades, network marketing has evolved and developed further into the wide array of companies, product ranges, reward plans and cultures that exist today. This unique, powerful system of free enterprise continues to grow, attracting more and more people to it. Furthermore, network marketing is a +$100 billion dollar per year industry which represents an accessible way for the average person to launch a legitimate business with the potential of generating very substantial income. It offers the opportunity to launch a business on a part time basis, and then growing that into a full time income. After the deep study of this industry Mr. Andrew Hogg decided to build up his own network marketing company with the name of WORLD ADS LINK LIMITED where he can utilize all his experience and knowledge.

Mr. David Quinn

Board Member
Mr. David Quinn has been a member of the Board of Directors since June 2005. Prior to joining World Ads Link Limited, Mr. David Quinn spent five years at various advertising companies and presents a lot of innovative ideas of online advertisement. Mr. David Quinn has also a vast experience in MLM Companies as a part of management. Mr. David Quinn has much more ideas that could be very helpful to promote the business of World Ads Link Limited.

Mr. Jasper Zac

Board Member
Mr. Jasper Zac has over 12 years marketing experience in sunrider international. He was the man who introduced a lot of creative ideas to promote the sunrider international. Now sunrider international is one of the best network marketing companies in the world. Mr. Jasper Zac has a great vision so he decided to be a part of a network marketing company where he could utilize all his experiences. Now Mr. Jasper Zac is a board member of WORLD ADS LINK LIMITED and providing all his services at WORLD ADS LINK LIMITED.